September 6th, 2022

I have so much to say about Izabela. She is the BEST agent I have ever encountered. I just completed the purchase of a property with the help of Izabela on 30 Sep, just in time to catch the stamp duty holiday. When I first viewed the house and made the offer, I have never thought of any possibility of completing the conveyancing by 30 Sep as it had only several weeks left. With the seller’s strong will to catch the stamp duty deadline, as well as the “never-give-up spirit” of Izabela, the seller, Izabela and I worked hand in hand to push forward the completion. Izabela did not just follow the process closely and always be responsive (which is already good enough as a responsible agent), she even PROCATIVELY found out the hiccups before waiting for the back-and-forth correspondence between the seller’s and the buyer’s solicitors. In the last 2 weeks, we had WhatsApp communications almost every day to tackle the problems speedily. That’s save a lot of time turning around. It is undeniable that without Izabela the conveyancing will take at least some more weeks to complete. Izabela is the one who made the magic happened. One more point worth sharing is, Izabela always seriously takes her client’s best interests into account. E.g., She examined my fund proof in detail and rejected my bank statement which was just 1 month afore to ensure the deal can really get completed, she kept asking me my solicitor’s working status to make sure the deal can be completed by the seller’s requested deadline. Having said that, I have never felt annoying but totally understand and appreciate her way of doing things. If I have a house to sell in future, Izabela is my only choice for sure. Izabela is incredibly good at bridging everything and everybody together to reach the outcome at highest satisfaction. I had an exceptionally happy conveyancing experience for this purchase with Izabela and the seller. Million thanks to you, Izabela!